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Does Uniborn provide K-1 forms for US investors?
Does Uniborn provide K-1 forms for US investors?
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NB: The following is not a tax advice and needs to be double-checked with US tax advisors.

If a U.S. person provides a loan to a non-U.S. company (the structure that Uniborn operates), and they do not have an ownership interest in the company (i.e., they are not a partner, member, or shareholder), the K-1 form is generally not applicable. The K-1 form is primarily used by pass-through entities such as partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and S corporations to report the income and other tax-related items to their owners.

Since investors do not obtain ownership in a passive foreign investment company (PFIC), they may not be required to file the form 8621 either.

Since SPVs are not financial institutions, investors may not be required to file FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) as well.

For a loan scenario, the key reporting would typically involve documenting the terms of the loan and reporting any interest income on the U.S. person's individual income tax return. This is typically done using the appropriate forms, such as Schedule B (Interest and Ordinary Dividends) form 1040. Schedule B is required any time you receive interest or ordinary dividends from investments that exceed $1,500, and to be submitted no later than the fourth month after your fiscal year ends, day 15. So, if an exit event happens during 2027, the April 15th, 2028 would typically be the deadline to submit.

Uniborn would provide the investors with the documentation sufficient to submit their Schedule B form 1040 alongside Form W-8BEN-E where needed.

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