1 Data Collection on Sign Up

Now you can collect more data from your prospective students when they sign up to chat to your Unibuddy ambassadors.

1.1 What data can be collected?

With our new Custom Sign-up fields, you can now collect data which is relevant to your institution such as:

Date of birth



Graduation date

You will have full control over which data you collect and in which format you collect it: allowing you to nurture your Unibuddy leads more effectively, and improve the quality of your reporting.

1.2 How can I customise the form?

On top of the default custom fields you can add up to 3 additional fields using the steps below:

  1. Click "Customisation" in left hand side menu.

  2. Select "Prospects" in sub menu.

  3. Enter the field name and click "Create Field".

1.3 Where can I see this data?

Data collected from your custom sign-up fields will appear as new columns in your prospect table in your Unibuddy dashboard. You can export the data and upload it to your CRM or enquiry management system - enabling you to tailor your communications even more.

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