One of the exciting and unique features of Unicorns.LIVE vs services like Crave or Netflix is that our events are all 100% live and unedited. This way makes it feel more like an authentic, live, in person performance. The only edits we ever make is the removal of an intermission/break of a live show for the video-on-demand.

What is a Live event?

All of the shows/series/episodes that you watch on Unicorns.LIVE are streamed live, completely unedited. The Upcoming Live Events section always lists upcoming shows that you can watch live while they are being recorded. Almost all of these shows have a live chat function where you can chat with us as well as other people from across the globe who are tuning in live. This chat feature is only available on the web based version of Unicorns.LIVE

What is Video-on-Demand?

This is the recording of the live show. Our commitment is that within 48 hours of the live-streamed show that we will post the show as video-on-demand. 99% of all video-on-demand shows are included in your subscription. If a video isn't included our system will let you know. The only reason a video-on-demand isn't included is due to copyrights or because its a fundraiser for a group.

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