Why Unicorns.LIVE

When viewed through a technological lens, today’s world has become too polished, too perfect, and over-curated. But real life doesn’t have an ‘edit function’ or ‘photo filters’; real life happens, moment by moment…in real time. 

Introducing Unicorns.LIVE, the home of 100% live streamed content focused arts and entertainment. 

Created by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company, Unicorns.LIVE offers a platform for various types of entertainment by a diverse collection of creators. Unicorns.LIVE is committed to supporting our participating artists and creators; we run primarily on a subscriber format as well as a pay-per-view setup (on occasions), with a percentage of each payment earmarked for the artist. This ensures our artistic contributors are compensated for their work, without relying on ‘likes’ to quantify a payout. Content is protected on Unicorns.LIVE through securing the videos and requiring that the audience log in to view content. 

Unicorns.LIVE is a safe space, with tons of room for creativity and expression but absolutely no room for hate. We hope you’ll enjoy our inclusive lineup of entertainment options, along with our approach to experiencing life and each live stream as it unfolds. 

Unicorns.LIVE: Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

Why a Referral Program

The Refer-A-Unicorn program operates very much like an Influencer or Affiliate program. Influencer/Affiliate marketing is a popular approach to drive sales/revenue by paying commission to the affiliates instead of paying for traditional advertising and marketing. Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of promotion of a product. 

How The Friends of Unicorns.LIVE Program Works

Unicorns.LIVE utilized a Canadian software company known as Rewardful to manage and track the referrals. Their software integrates with our payment processor as well as our watch.unicorns.live website where all the videos are hosted. By sharing your referral links as seen below you will get credit for all people who sign up for Unicorns.LIVE.

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