Want to send someone to your show or a specific show on our platform instead of the generic homepage? Now you can and here is how.

Step 1 - Find the content you want to share:

Go to https://watch.unicorns.live/catalog and search or find the show you want to promote. This can be either an upcoming live show or a show that is available via Video-on-demand.

** A helpful note - if you are promoting an upcoming live show that after it airs live the link you created will no longer work **

For this example we are going to select the series Two Spirit Tea. When you are on this page you will want to copy the URL - https://watch.unicorns.live/programs/twospiritttea

Step 2 - Get your personalized tracking link

Log into your Rewardful account. If unsure how todo that check out this article.

  1. On your main dashboard you will see your Links. If you have multiple, please select one of them.

  2. You need the part of the URL that starts with "?". I have highlighted mine above. With my url I will need ?via=dustyn from this page. Copy this.

Step 3 - Merge Step 1 & 2 links to create your custom tracking link

For the final url you will want to take the content from step 1 and add the url snip from step 2 to create your referral URL:

  1. https://watch.unicorns.live/programs/twospiritttea

  2. ?via=dustyn

The final URL is = https://watch.unicorns.live/programs/twospiritttea?via=dustyn

Now anyone who clicks this link will be tracked to my referral ID so that I receive credit. Be sure to use your own tracking code at the end of URLS to ensure you receive credit for the commissions.

As always our helpful Unicorns are here to help if you need it. Use the circle chat icon in the lower right hand corner to reach out.

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