Let's get started with the episode description!

Each episode requires one. This is our most informative tool to let the audience know what's coming. Our goal is to make it captivating and represent your voice!

Right away we will boldly present the Content Rating of your show. This is especially important if your content is "zesty" as we like to say.

Following the Content Rating, basic information will be added such as:

  • Date/Time

  • Hosts/Performers

  • Title

  • Topic

  • Season

  • Episode

The Topic length should range from 20 - 100 characters long. If you're on the shorter end don't worry, bigger isn't always better, it's all about how you write it ;)

The Episode Description should range roughly between 75 - 200 words. Let's make it pack a punch!

After the episode description, you will enter your pricing. We have a generic format to follow, but you're more than welcome to reword it, after all, changing it up is usually exciting.

Determining your show price for viewers should have been completed with The Unicorn team. If you have any questions about pricing or what to make changes please message the team using the circle icon in the bottom right corner of your screen or send us an email at Support@rebelliousunicorns.com.

Filling out the "About Your Show" section will be the simplest part. All you have to do is paste your show description text.

The Short Description and Preregistration Screen section are for different marketing viewpoints. These do not have to be utterly unique from each other and the Episode description.

Here is what your Episode Description template looks like:

Content Rating:


Host: Name

Title: Your Show

Topic: Episode Topic

Season: 1

Episode: 1

Episode Description

This space is used for a short description of the specific event (roughly 50 - 150 words). The goal is to captivate, excite, and inform the audience.

Join “Your Show” DATE @ TIME on Unicorns.LIVE.

Pricing: “Your Show” is available LIVE for all Super Unicorn subscribers, and is available on-demand 48-hours after the live show; non-subscribers can purchase individual episodes for $#.99.

About [Your Show] This is the same for every episode

Find more details on this here

About the Host

50 - 200 word bio


  • Website

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

About the Guest(s) OPTIONAL

50 - 200 word bio


  • Website

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

Short Description

This short description will appear in the collection playlist and the Featured Category slider on the Catalog page (105 character limit)

Preregistration Description

This text will be displayed as an overlay on the thumbnail of your show during preregistration. (240 character limit)

Need help? Contact us using the circle icon in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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