Have any questions or need support from the Unicorns.LIVE team?

The easiest way to get in contact with us is to use the circle icon at the bottom right of your screen, this is a direct, real-time messaging system :)

Another effective way is to send an email to Support@rebelliousunicorns.com.

Looking for a specific person, or a specific skill? Check out some of our Unicorn Team members. These individuals are great points of contact :). To get in contact with a specific member, ask for us by name (Unicorn name work just as well, if not better), and we will ensure you get in touch with the correct individual.

Dustyn Baulkham (Jefe' Unicorn), Founder and CEO of Rebellious Unicorns, father company of Unicorns.LIVE.

Jefe' Unicorn manages operations... be careful... he will use a Nerf Gun if necessary... speaking from experience.

Dustyn is a great point of contact for any collaborations, including interest in becoming a creator.

Cait Dixon (Clutch Unicorn), Marketing and Communications Manager.

The Clutch Unicorn is a great point of contact for, well everything. But is "clutch" in all marketing and graphic design aspects. Her other primary role includes taking care of the boys.

Liam Moise (Unicorn Whisperer), Sales and Event Logistics Manager.

I, the Unicorn Whisperer am a great point of contact for any prospective events, show logistics, and creative writing. Will accept RedBull as payment.

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