SMS Notifications are now available for all clinics! New patients will be prompted to opt in or out when completing their onboarding forms. Regulations are such that existing patients must opt in as well.

For some more detailed information about SMS notifications please refer to this linked helpcenter article

As for how existing patients can opt in for SMS notifications quickly at their appointment, here's how!

  • First, from Today's Calendar on the iPad, tap on the patient name and select Start Onboarding
  • You will then scroll down and tap Continue to skip to Contact Information. Please ensure that all personal info is accurate!
  • From the Contact page, make sure the phone number is correct and that the phone type is set to Cell.
  • Next, tap the selector next to "Text me a reminder and other helpful updates" to opt in for SMS. The selector will be GREEN if the patient has opted in.
  • Lastly, tap Continue to save and then tap to Exit.

And that's it! If you have any questions about opting existing patients in for SMS notifications please let us know!

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