SMS reminders are an add-on feature available to all Unified Practice clients.

How do I turn on SMS reminders?

1. From the main menu select 'Account'

2. Select 'Subscription'

3. Turn SMS reminders to 'On'

How do I select which Reminders are sent?

Once SMS is enabled you can manage which reminders will go out in Clinic Settings > Scheduling Settings. These will act as your global default settings for the clinic.

These global settings will be applied to all appointments created from the day you turn the reminders on going forward. If you wish to send reminders for appointments already created with a date of service in the future you can open the appointment details page by clicking on the appointment in the calendar and selecting the checkbox next the the reminders you want to enable for that appointment.

Where can I see how many Reminders I sent each month?

You can view the number of SMS messages you send each month under Reports.

Note: SMS reminders will only be sent to phone number of type 'Cell'.

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