There are four different editorial badges that you can reach.


Once you've published your first story you'll automatically become a Writer. This means that you are officially part of the Uni News team and you can now add us to your CV.

Senior Writer

The second editorial level is the role of Senior Writer. To reach this you'll need to have a total of 10 stories published on Uni News. Once this is done, you'll receive an endorsement on your LinkedIn profile from Uni News HQ.


After successfully publishing a grand total of 20 stories on Uni News you will have earned the title of Sub-Editor. You'll receive a personalised testimonial from Uni News HQ on LinkedIn, CV or your professional website. This will explain what you’ve achieved to reach Sub-Editor status on Uni News.


The grand finale of editorial badges is to reach Editor status. To reach this editorial milestone you will have had 50 stories published on Uni News. You will then receive a UK Press Card from the National Union of Journalists to help propel you into the crazy world of journalism. This will give you access to press events and it is recognised by all police forces in the UK.
You will also be invited to spend a week at Uni News HQ, giving you a great opportunity to work behind the scenes.

You can find out how to get your story published here.

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