As the global impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, both our union members and other workers are being impacted in significant ways.

Please visit the UnionBase discussion page and talk with other union leaders and members about what you are doing to protect workers.

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Here are the policies unions are pushing for during this crisis:

Union Related

Dangers Facing Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Common Good Platform to Protect Students, Families, and Workers Against COVID-19

New York Teachers Threaten to "Sick Out" and Successfully Force New York Schools to Close

Delta Airlines staff beginning to organize to form union out of fear of impact of corona virus:

Union Defends staff calling out sick due to Coronavirus:

Pilot Union reaches settlement about payment with Delta:

The NBA Players Union issued a memo on Friday about :

MLB Players Get Marching Orders from Union

Actors Union Asks for Protection during Pandemic:

Union Pushes to Protect Manufacturing Workers

Union Events Internationally

The Council of Global Unions representing 200 Million Workers calls for protecting workers

Non-Union Workers

Hospitality workers facing massive layoffs:

Norwegian Air cuts 50% of jobs due to corona virus:

SXSW festival lays off 1/3rd of its full time employees:

MGM resorts begins layoffs:

Corona virus causing job losses and disruption in Hawaii:

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