If you're on the fence about your new jeans, follow our tips below.

Fit FAQ 👖

As your wear your new jeans, they will adapt and form to your body. Breaking them in fully may take a few days.

Are your jeans a tad too loose?

Try a warm wash and dry.

Are your jeans a tad tight?

The waistband can stretch almost an inch with some wear – wear them around a bit first. If they don't relax enough, let us know.

After you've worn your jeans a few times to break them in.

Go to unspun.io/testdrive to let us know how they fit!

Want to change your fit in any way? Let us know; tweaks are fast and on us.

Taking care of your new jeans

Stain alive 🕺

It's natural for indigo to fade and rub off. Be careful around lighter-colored items, especially couches and car seats, for the first few weeks

Wear ten times, wash once 🧼

Turn your jeans inside out, wash them at a max 40°C (around 100°F) and hang them out to dry. Avoid tumble drying to save energy and extend the life of your new jeans!

Did you know? 🧠

Over 30% of the environmental impact of your jeans comes from how you take care of them.

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