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What are you tracking me for? Isn’t tracking bad?
What are you tracking me for? Isn’t tracking bad?

Learn how UpBeing uses behavioural science for your wellbeing instead of selling or addicting you to devices through EDR.

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Traditionally, behavioural science on your personal data has been used to sell you more stuff on the internet, or algorithmically addict you to your device. We think this is bad. UpBeing uses the same behavioural science and data, we’re just repurposing it to help you make sense of it and feel better. Rather than having user attention as the key output variable, UpBeing’s output variable is user wellbeing. That’s why the only thing we’re adding data-wise is the check-ins.

In order to do this, the external data (which is already collected on you) that you connect with the app is paired with your check-in data so that our Emotion Detection and Recognition model can find the hidden connections between your behaviours and your moods. Eventually, you won’t need to check in at all to get the same insights.

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