Does UpBeing replace my therapy practice?

UpBeing is not a replacement for therapy, but a powerful tool to aid in your wellness journey. Use data to better inform your care provider.

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No, but UpBeing can be a powerful tool to help aid in your wellness journey.

Journaling and mood tracking are often a part of therapy. Doing so can help you understand your patterns and break those that don’t serve you. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up with meticulous journaling, especially if you are already unwell.

UpBeing takes the hassle out of this process. Using UpBeing regularly will provide you with an in-depth report which you can then bring to your care provider. Armed with this data, your provider can better determine next steps and track your progress in a more empirical way! Think of UpBeing as a tool that makes your therapy practice more impactful and directed.

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