You can download your data by clicking on the "Analytics" tab, where you can click the button in the left-hand toolbox to download all of the data as a CSV.

This will lead you to the below page:

After clicking "New Export", a line will appear that contains the data submitted through your form so far.

When you press "Download", a CSV will appear that contains:

  • Where the user entered the flow (e.g. first step)

  • A unique session ID (showing unique interactions with the flow within on session)

  • The trigger ID (which trigger the user clicked on to activate the flow)

  • All of the data submitted through the flow (linked to the ID of each question)

  • When the data entry was created

  • The flow's version ID

  • The step IDs of the flow (tracking which step the user was on)

  • The step type (tracking what action the user took on each step. e.g. submitted data or left flow)

  • The unique user ID (linking all data and actions to a specific user)

  • Whether the step was set up to a webhook

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