For users to integrate Hubspot tracking through their flows, you will need two things:

  1. Your remote-config ID that can be found in the Settings page

  2. Updated code to post in your <head> tag

Finding your remote-config ID

Your remote-config ID can be found by clicking into the "Settings" icon on the bottom-left of the Upflowy app:

Click through to Organisations.

Once you are here, you will see a snapshot of your information where your remote-config is the last line. You need need to copy this ID.

Adding in code to your website's <head> tag

For Hubspot users to successfully track users through Upflowy flows, the below code needs to be added into the <head> tag of their HTML code - replacing the code used if any triggers have been set up.

In the code, there is a space titled [CONFIG-ID-HERE]. You will need to replace this content, including the brackets, with your remote-config ID. Once that is done, simply paste the code into your <head> tag and enjoy Hubspot tracking flowing through your flows!

<script type="text/javascript" src="[CONFIG-ID-HERE]&defer=true"></script> <script>function checkHubspotutk() { var cookie = document.cookie.match(/hubspotutk=[0-9a-z]+/g); if( cookie !== null && cookie.length > 0 ) { window.Upflowy.launch({ origin: window.location.origin, 'u-hubspotutk': cookie[0].replace('hubspotutk=','') }); } else { setTimeout(function(){ checkHubspotutk() }, 200); } } checkHubspotutk(); </script>

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