To set up an integration with Upflowy and Intercom using Zapier, you must:

  1. Have an Upflowy flow ready to use

  2. Have a Zapier account

  3. Have an Intercom account

First off, we'll go into Zapier and set the trigger as "Webhooks - Catch Hook":

You will be prompted to set up the trigger. Copy the custom webhook URL supplied by Zapier:

Now go into your Upflowy flow, and copy-paste that Webhook into the URL input in the "Data" Tab, and click "Save". :

Then, go into the "preview" mode and run through the flow.

Return to Zapier and select "Test trigger" once you have previews the flow once. If successful, a "we found a request!" message will appear, detailing all of the information that comes through from Upflowy.

Great work! Now, let's continue in Zapier and set the action to "Add/Remove tag on user in Airtable". You will be asked to sign in to your Airtable account.

You will then be required to fill out the below form, which you can do by clicking on each input, selecting "Custom", and then finding the right value that corresponds to each input:

And congratulations! You are ready to go! Simply turn the Zap on and your data collected through Upflowy will pass on to Airtable.

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