To set up a connection using Integromat, you'll need Integromat and your Upflowy flow open.

In Integromat, go to the "Scenarios" tab:

Click on "Create a new scenario":

Click on the plus button, and type in "Webhooks", and select the Webhooks option. Select "Custom webhook".

Add in a Webhook name and click "Save".

At this point, Integromat will generate a webhook link for you! Copy this link, and then head over to your Upflowy flow.

Click on a step, and go into the "Data" tab. Copy this webhooks link into the available input and click "Save".

Once this has been saved, preview the step and enter in data to all of the fields, and click submit. Then, go back to Integromat which should have picked up on the data. You will be able to tell if this has succeeded by the "Successfully determined" notification:

Click "OK" and then add another module. Search Mailchimp and select what action you would want to do:

Then login to your Mailchimp account and match the parameters that you find in the web-hooks with that of Mailchimp.

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