To add in a custom parameter, you'll first of all need some Upflowy code installed in your website. If you're using triggers, you'll need our Upflowy SDK code embedded in the head tag of your website, or you can use our embedded flow in the body tag of your website. You can find both of these in the "Integrate" tab:

You'll want to enter the custom parameter in this line of code:

Original code:

<iframe src="[UNIQUE FLOW ID HERE]?mode=standalone"/>

With custom parameter:

<iframe src="[UNIQUE FLOW ID HERE]?mode=standalone&u-customParam=1334"/>

By adding &u-customerParam={variable} (where variable is the name of the custom parameter you are searching for, or a set value), Upflowy will pull this data into the flow, where it will be available in the POST-API call:

If you want to add in more than one custom parameter, simply add in another &u-customerParam={variable} into your line of code.

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