Setting your posture will determine how the GO

 will measure your posture.

It is important to set your posture every time you place the GO on your back, or whenever you feel it isn’t set properly. If you plan on using the GO mostly while sitting, it is recommended to set your posture while sitting. The same is true for standing.

You can repeat this step whenever you feel that your slouch position is not properly identified or if the GO vibrates too much.


Set your posture either from the app or from the device itself, as follows:

Get into a comfortable upright position and make sure not to overextend your back.

Double click the power button, or tap the SET POSTURE button on the app’s main screen.

You will immediately feel 2 short vibrations, then stay upright for another second.


Go to “HOW TO FIND YOUR UPRIGHT POSTURE” for more tips on how to perfect your upright posture.

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