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Charging and effectively maintaining your UPRIGHT GO 2/S battery life

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One key part of using your UPRIGHT GO successfully is to make sure your device is charged and ready to use. This should be done when you first receive your GO and after every use.

Here is some important information about your UPRIGHT GO 2 and GO S battery:

  • In order to fully charge your UPRIGHT GO battery,  plug the provided cable into a USB port for about 3 hours.

  • The LED on your device will turn green once your battery is fully charged.

  • When fully charged, the battery for the GO 2 should last for up to 35 hours of usage, the battery for the Upright GO S should last for up to 20 hours of usage (depending on operation mode)

Fully charged


  1. Charge your UPRIGHT GO 2/S every day just like you would your phone.

  2. Leave your UPRIGHT GO 2/S in a convenient place to ensure ongoing usage. For example: On your work desk, on your night stand or by your car keys.

Charging your battery regularly will allow you to use your UPRIGHT GO 2/S as often as you so choose.  

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