When using the app that goes with your UPRIGHT GO 2, you probably came across something called Uptime. Uptime represents the total amount of time you spent upright over the course of the day. As you move about your day, your GO counts and adds up every second you spend upright.

The total is then shown on the ring in the Home screen.

The ring represents your daily Uptime goal, and a full ring indicates that you have met your goal. You have all day to complete your goal and your GO tallies every second of Uptime, so don’t despair if partway through the day it feels like you still have a long way to go. There’s no need to rush to get it all in at once! 

Just like a pedometer or any other activity tracker, as you spend more and more time using your GO, your daily Uptime goal will increase to take you to the next level so you can keep improving your posture. Be sure, however, to listen to your body and pace yourself, especially at the beginning. Building good posture takes time!

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