If you are having trouble getting the most out of your UPRIGHT DESKTOP, or if you are new to the app, here is a step by step explanation on how to get the most of it!

1. We suggest to make sure that you are in your web camera files of view. You can easily check this one by opening the “Camera” function on Windows or “Photobooth” on your Macintosh computer. The camera should have a clear view of your eyes and shoulders, as such it can be from a side angle if you are using your laptop to the side.

2. Once you make sure that you are in a visible position, maintain an upright posture and press on the calibrate button to the side, you will see that it takes a couple of seconds but after that, Avi will start reacting to your posture.

3. Now that you are set, let’s make sure you are able to get the required feedback from the UPRIGHT DESKTOP. Open the settings menu to the side, you will see the delay timer and sensitivity, Make sure that both are set to your liking.

The Slouch alert delay is amount of time that it takes the UPRIGHT DESKTOP to alert you that you are slouching, the alert is a red pulse on the UPRIGHT DESKTOP screen.

A short delay would mean more alerts, we think that 15 secs is just right, but you can change it to your liking.

The sensitivity is how much you can slouch before the UPRIGHT DESKTOP considering that a slouch, move it to high if you want it to recognize your slouch right away.

4. Now that you are set with your ideal upright posture, drag the window to the side of your screen or hide it by opening the menu and pressing “hide” and let it remind you once you are slouching, if you do slouch, the app will start blinking red, and if you turn on the sound notification in the menu it will also amit a soft sound, which is great if you are working with headphones on.

5. Make sure to send the support team a message if you have any questions, you can contact us from the menu.

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