There are a number of things you can do if the adhesives don’t seem to be holding your UPRIGHT GO well: 

  1. Be sure to place the adhesive correctly by following the labels: the green side should be attached to your skin, while the white side should be attached to your GO.  

  2. Always attach your UPRIGHT GO to clean, dry skin. Make sure the adhesive on your device is clean and dry, too. You can use the alcohol pads provided to clean both your skin and the adhesive, but make sure both are completely dry before attaching the device. 

  3. Keep in mind that adhesives are typically good for 3-10 uses depending on the natural moisture and oiliness of your skin. After some time, the adhesive starts to lose its grip. Try cleaning it with the alcohol pads first. If you find that it’s still not holding, it may be time to replace your adhesive. When you replace the adhesive, remove the old one completely, making sure that no residue is left behind. 

  4. The adhesives do not work well with sweaty skin or skin that has lotion on it. Warm, humid weather can also affect the performance of the adhesives. We recommend using your device indoors, preferably in an air-conditioned environment. 

If you’ve tried all of this, and the adhesives still don’t work for you, contact us via the in-app chat located in the Support tab.

For an overview of these tips, check out this video. We also recommend trying out the Necklace for the UPRIGHT GO; some users find that it’s a better fit for them than the adhesives. 

** Compatible with Upright GO 2 & Upright GO S **

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