If your UPRIGHT GO is connected, yet you don’t feel it vibrating, please try one of the following:

  • Go to the Home screen and make sure the vibration is turned on. After you turn it on, we recommend calibrating your device again by pressing Calibrate in the app or double-clicking the power button on the device.

  • Make your UPRIGHT GO quicker to react to your posture changes:

  1. Change your device’s delay by tapping Delay on the main screen (You’ll see that when you slouch, the timer will start to count down; once it reaches zero, your device should vibrate), and/or

  2. Adjust your Upright range by going to Settings > Advanced > Upright range.

If none of this works, hold the device in your hand and turn it off, paying attention to whether it vibrated when you turned it off. Please contact us via the in-app chat, and be sure to let us know whether your device vibrated during shutdown or not.

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