How to setup a KOAMTAC Scanner

  1. Turn on ScannerHold down button (left bottom) with either scan button (left/right top) for 3 seconds

  2. Wait for second set of beep(s) to know it's ready to use

  3. Scan the pairing barcode below: (MFI = Made For iPhone)

  1. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and turn Bluetooth on

  2. Underneath the list of available devices, click KDC470/475The serial number will show up in brackets - cross check the serial number on the back of the scanner

  3. After your scanner is paired to your device, open Upright Link to connect to our application

  4. From the dashboard, click on "Connect a Scanner" in the dashboard and then click 'Sync.'

  5. Tap the Up button to refresh your scanner connection at any time:


Quick User Manual - Bluetooth Pairing instructions, recommended for support purposes

User Manual - Extended guide for full scanner configuration, not recommended to send to customers (too refined configurations)

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