Unlinking Shopify from Lister is a dangerous action that can impact the data integrity of your account. There are only a few reasons why you'd want to do this:

  1. You're done with Shopify! You don't want to use Shopify anymore, you don't have any active listings or unfulfilled orders, and you don't want your listers to accidentally post to it.

  2. You've linked the wrong Shopify account to Lister

If you do decide to unlink your account from Lister, unlinking will:

  1. Prevent you from fulfilling Shopify orders

  2. Prevent you from posting and relisting products to Shopify

  3. Stop and remove all Shopify listing strategy steps

  4. Remove the Shopify listings report

Not sure if you should unlink your Shopify account? Reach out to us at support@uprightlabs.com.

How to Unlink

You'll want to navigate to Admin > Shopify, then click "edit settings" on the shop you want to remove.

Once under the settings page of the shop you want to remove, scroll down until you see "Unlink Shopify account from Lister". Clicking on this will open up a final confirmation dialog.

If you're ready to unlink, press the confirmation button. After this is done, your Shopify account is unlinked, and you will no longer be able to fulfill orders or post new items to this channel.

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