We are always in the process of making UPRIGHT better for you, When a new firmware update is released we recommend updating as soon as possible as it includes bug fixes, support for new features and greater overall stability.

When an update is Available a small Red dot is shown on the side menu Icon, the settings and under the firmware version.

In order to download the update please follow through these steps:

* these steps are are for both iOS and Android

  1. Open the App
  2. Click the 9 dots Icon on the Top left corner of the screen, it will open up the side Menu

Image 1

  • Notice the small red dot indicating that an update is available.

3. Click Settings

Image 2

4. next to Device version you’ll find the update button highlighted in Green > Click the button and follow the short update wizard

Image 3


  • It’s recommended you start the process after your UPRIGHT device had been fully charged
  • If you experience any issue or a problem contact our customer support via the in-app chat or send an Email to hello@uprightpose.com.
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