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Urals FAQ

Frequently asked questions - just revert a question to get an informative answer!

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What is Urals?

Urals is a microsite builder with a template and reusable blocks to drive traffic from each YT video, IG story, product, and client.

How do I get started with Urals?

To create your first page and start getting traffic, please follow these 3 simple steps!

  1. Fill in the Template. Upload your logo or avatar, add the header and footer blocks, and set a design to be used on every page with this template.

  2. Create a Smartpage. Build your smartpage by adding all types of blocks and relevant content.

  3. Save your page or share it right away! Set your custom slug and alias, and click Publish to activate the link.

What are Spaces?

Space is your dashboard where your template, collections, and smartpages are located. All items in a space have the same handle. You can set a space name and handle by clicking the Space Settings button in your dashboard.

Please note: if you change the space handle, it will affect all the links within the space, and you will have to manually re-add them everywhere with the new handle.

The delete space option is also in the Settings. Deleting space is permanent.

You can purchase additional spaces with the features included to your subscription plan.

What is a Template?

A template is a set of header/footer blocks, avatar, and style applied on all smartpages created within one space.

A template may contain all repeatable or evergreen content, such as:

  • Icons to your social media accounts;

  • Links to your website;

  • Contact info (email, phone, WhatsApp button);

  • Your products or long-term offers

The updates made in the Template section of your dashboard affect all your smartpages.

What is Smartpage?

Smartpage is a microsite page containing a template and unique content you added. Paste any blocks, image galleries, texts, and collections from the Reuse section! You can add as many blocks as you want to your smartpage. However, the total number across all smartpages is limited by your subscription plan.

What types of Blocks can I add?

You can add anything from a phone button to the image gallery! For detailed information, please check our collection of articles about blocks at, and feel free to reach out to us with a feature request via the chat!

How do I use Collections?

Collections are reusable block sets you may add and edit in bulk!

Imagine you have 5 affiliate links you want to use on all your pages to squeeze sales from cross-platform traffic. Instead of adding them individually to every page, you create a collection once and use it wherever necessary. If one of your links expires, you change it, and the update automatically applies to all pages with this collection.

Reusable blocks may be of any type — images, galleries, buttons, icons, or texts. Check the short showcase video about collections below!

The number of collections to create and reuse is limited by your subscription plan.

How do I use the Sidebar?

You can create a homepage, and then pull many pages to its sidebar. Voila! And you have a one-page site but with a menu. It is a go-to feature to share even more content with your visitors and keep them engaged for longer. Please check this short how-to video about the sidebar :

What is the Home page?

Home is the page, which you can use as your main page, and connect the sidebar with it! You can set any of your smartpages as a homepage - a short URL to use it in your socials' bio or anywhere else. To make a homepage:

  1. Open the smartpage you want to use as your homepage in the Editor mode;

  2. Click Live/Publish to open the link settings;

  3. Click the pencil next to the link and then the link icon on the left side of your link

  4. A home icon will appear, and the smartpage part of your alias will be removed from the URL.

How do I update my page's design?

Urals has a unique color picker to help you set a fascinating design for your pages!

Design settings apply to all pages within a space and are enabled in the template. If you update a design in the Template section of any page in your microsite, the changes apply to all pages within the space.

You can set the color of the buttons (one for all buttons) and the background design—mono-color, gradient, or uploaded image.

How do I save my page without publishing it?

When you create a page, it is automatically saved in your Dashboard's Unlisted section. If a page has not been published, a lock icon appears next to it.

How do I publish a page?

If you want to make your page visible and accessible via the QR code or its link, click the Publish button, and the window to set the link will appear.

How do I hide a page?

In your page's editor mode, click Live → Unpublish. This will make a page inaccessible and remove it from the search.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can change your subscription at the AppSumo deal section or in your AppSumo account dashboard. All subscription changes apply automatically to your Urals account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can change your subscription at the AppSumo deal section or in your AppSumo account dashboard. All subscription changes apply automatically to your Urals account.

How do I request a refund?

AppSumo sets the refund policies. Please request and proceed with refunds in your AppSumo Profile according to the AppSumo Refund Instructions.

How do I reset my password?

We use the email one-time password (OTP) option to log in to accounts, so no passwords are required. You can request an OTP by entering your email. If you have signed in with Google, use the Google password to log in.

Can I add a custom domain?

We do not provide an option to replace with a custom domain since we aim to create a fast and efficient approach to creating and sharing our eye-catchy pages.

Not using a custom domain has two significant advantages for you:

1. We handle GDPR and other privacy regulations.
The GDPR and other privacy regulations are on us, and we are building a trustworthy domain by continuously monitoring and moderating all content published on

2. It is beneficial for SEO
Our domain is well-indexed, and your page with our domain will appear on the first page of Google search.

Alternatively, when the custom domain is an absolute necessity for you, we can offer to set redirection. Instructions on how to set up a redirect are at Please feel free to write to us directly at the support chat so we can help you out!

Can I remove the Urals branding?

We do not have an option for full branding removal from pages and dashboards. However, we are launching the Affiliate Program soon, so you can earn from anyone who clicks on your pages' small smiley logo.

I have a feature request. Where do I submit it?

All feature requests are welcome! Please submit yours via chat or You may also check our public Roadmap to discover our current work.

Where do I report a bug or abuse?

Please report bugs or abuse to, and we will process your report as quickly as possible. Thank you!

How do I embed content into my pages?

You can embed videos, music, podcasts, forms, and other interactive content by pasting its link and selecting the </>Embed option!

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