Deposits and booking fees

Upfront payment to secure accommodation

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At urbanest, we don't believe in taking deposits, as it creates an air of distrust with our resident community and we don't like to make people wait to get refunds at the end of their stay.

Instead, we just take the value of one-week's rental for your room at the time of booking to secure your accommodation. The payment is used towards your rent with us, so you never pay more to us than you need to.

We also do not take any booking or administrative fees for making a reservation with us, helping you budget and saving you costs.

How can I pay my upfront rental payment?

We accept two methods of payment for your one-week's upfront rental payment:

1) Debit/credit card online

We accept most major credit cards for payment, but due to fraud prevention purposes, the card used to make a payment to urbanest must:

- Match the Tenant's name exactly as per the Tenancy Agreement

- Match the Tenant's home address exactly as per the Tenancy Agreement

2) Direct Credit bank transfer

Select Bank Transfer in your booking to get the option to receive our bank details, with which you can send us the upfront rental amount from your bank to ours. Please note that this method may incur a small charge from your bank, which you will need to top up when you arrive.

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