If you are studying or applying to study at the LSE, we are pleased to advise that we offer preferential rates at both our King's Cross and Westminster Bridge properties.

You can find out information about LSE accommodation at these great locations by clicking here.

How to book...

If you have accepted your place to study at the school, or you are already an LSE student, and want to book an LSE room, simply apply for your accommodation via Hallpad:

Once you have applied via Hallpad, you will be given access to see the live availability and access to book online.

Please note that availability is first-come, first-served.

When do bookings open?

Bookings for the 2021-22 academic year open via LSE on 12/01/21.

Can I select my own room?

During the online booking process, you can choose the room type and room you prefer. See more about urbanest room types here.

What's your availability?

Exclusive LSE availability can be found via Hallpad.

What are the prices?

For full pricing, please see Hallpad.

What if I need to change my allocation or tenancy?

Contact the urbanest team by using the orange button below.

A studio at urbanest King's Cross...

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