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urbanest customer in-room Internet access

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What internet connection is provided?

Each of our rooms has both a WiFi and Ethernet internet connection, provided by our partners, Glide Student.  As part of your urbanest rent, there is a high speed connection to each room with unlimited downloads -  though a fair and acceptable usage policy applies.

What if something goes wrong?

In the event that your Internet stops functioning as expected, Glide Student provide specialist technical support to urbanest residents. This can be from diagnosing individuals' computer settings to ensure the connection is set up correctly, to collating data about a wider issue.

My Internet doesn't work correctly

Should there be an issue such as the speed not being as fast as advertised, or connection not being reliable, our residents are kindly asked to log the problem with Glide Student in the first instance. This is to ensure that technical support can be provided, and the the case can be logged with first-hand information.

How do I log an issue?

Simply click on the link below to log a job with Glide Student directly:

Not getting anywhere?

If you have troubles with Glide, simply log on to your portal and send us your Glide Incident Support number (starting INC0) and we will follow up on your behalf

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