Tenancy Documents

Documentation needed for booking and checking in

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After you’ve confirmed your booking with urbanest, we need a few documents to be uploaded to your portal within 14 days or before you check in (whichever is sooner).

What documents are required?

πŸ†” Your Photo ID

For example, a clear scan of your passport, drivers licence, or other government issued ID:

🚫No selfies, graduation pics, or family portraits!🚫

πŸ†” Proof of your Guarantor's ID

For example, this could be a scan/picture of your Guarantor's passport, drivers licence, or other government issued ID. The name must match your Guarantor's name on your urbanest Tenancy Agreement.

πŸ“„ Proof of your Guarantor's home address

This could be a utility bill, phone bill, or other official document dated within the last three months, clearly showing both your Guarantor's name and address as per your Tenancy Agreement (It doesn't need to be in English).

πŸŽ“ Proof of your student status

Such as a scan/picture of your valid student ID card, or letter/document from the institute you study at.
If you don’t have your student ID yet, a copy of your Confirmed UCAS place will suffice.
If you have a provisional offer, you can upload your Confirmation once your place has been confirmed. It must be uploaded before you can check-in.

For your convenience, please see below some common websites to get your student status/UCAS confirmation:

What format are they required in?

The documents must be in either pdf, jpg or jpeg format, and must be under 10Mb in size. A scan or a clear photograph of the documents is fine.

Where can I upload them?

The Tenant should upload all the required documents to their urbanest portal:

Your username is your e-mail address and your password was set at the time of booking. Only the Tenant (not the Guarantor) has access to the portal.

Got any questions?

Simply log on to your urbanest portal and click on the orange icon to get in touch.

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