At urbanest, we believe your home is your home, so guests are permitted when you like them, and you don't even need to sign then in!

Overnight guests - shared apartments

If you are staying in a shared flat, such as an en-suite room, out of courtesy, we ask you to check with your flatmates it's OK before your guests arrive.

As a rule of thumb, to respect your flatmates, we ask that you don't have overnight guests in shared apartments for any more than a week at a time.

Overnight guests - studio apartments

If you have anyone staying with you for a few days and you are living in a self-contained studio apartment, we just ask that you look after them, and they treat your home with respect.

If you have a guest staying with you in a studio apartment for more than a few days, we ask that you give the team at reception a heads up.

Your responsibility

You are fully responsible for your guest and their actions when in urbanest... i.e. if they break something, you pay for it. 

Our Rights

If your guest is unruly, disruptive, or breaks any of the Terms and Conditions of your Tenancy (such as smoking indoors or breaches noise regulations), we reserve the right to ban them permanently from any urbanest property.

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