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Check-Out Procedure

Moving out of urbanest at the end of your tenancy

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Check Out Preparation

Sadly, all good things must come to an end... and if your tenancy is ending at urbanest, we are sorry to see you go!

Before you head off, please read this quick article about what you should do before handing in your keys

Quick Check

✔️ Ensure you have all your belongings removed, from your room & flat.

✔️ Give your room a clean to ensure that it's returned to us in a suitable manner.

✔️ Check your rent balance is at £0.00

✔️ Report any maintenance needing done (such as a light not working).

✔️ Hand in your keys in at the reception desk, so the team are aware to check you out on our system.

✔️ Depart by 10am on your tenancy end date (or any time/date before then).

Read below carefully for more information:


It's important that you leave your room in clean and tidy condition before your check-out. Remedial cleaning will incur charges, invoiced after you have departed.

To help with cleaning, we have an in-house cleaning service via Cabenco who can bring your room up to check-out standard without you having to move a muscle. Please see more information regarding this service here:

If you leave any refuse or items in your room, we unfortunately need to impose a £12 charge per item (refuse sack or large item). If you want to arrange refuse removal before you depart, please see more information regarding the Cabenco service here:


If you have a booking for a new academic year, please liaise directly with your property team who will be happy to help arrange staying on/moving room.

Settling Rent Accounts 

Please check your urbanest portal before your tenancy ends to check if you have a balance on your rent account (either you owe us money or we owe you money).

Reporting Maintenance

Got something in your room which needs fixed, like a leaky tap or squeaky door? Simply let us know by sending us a message on your portal. This will help us prepare the room for the next person, and is much appreciated.

Check Out Inspection

After you depart, we'll conduct an inspection of your room/flat. If there are any damages or cleaning charges, we will be in touch with you directly.


Please hand in your keys to reception when you depart and we'll check you out on our system.

If you are checking out and there's no one at reception, please leave your key in one of the boxes provided. Please do not leave your key in your room before checking-out.


LOVESPACE are our trusted storage and packing partner. They’re the UK’s largest by-the-box storage company meaning you only pay for what you store, rather than for a storage unit you may not fill. Every box is also covered up to the value of £100 free of charge.

As you’re a resident with us, you get a £10 off storage discount with promotion code LOVEURBANEST. In 2020, they also helped thousands of students navigate their way out of the pandemic by packing up their rooms and reuniting them with their stuff, even if it meant they were now overseas!

You can book their packing service here or contact their friendly team on 0800 802 1018.

Any questions about checking out?

Simply log on to your portal and send us a message and we will be happy to help!

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