We understand that sometimes peoples' situations change, and that may mean needing to pause your studies and leaving London, and as a result, wanting to leave your Tenancy Contract (AST) before your Tenancy End Date.

What does the contract say?

The full wording on your contract is available in clause '15. Tenancy termination rights', but effectively, if you have checked in to the Room*, we may agree to allow you to terminate your tenancy, at our sole discretion, if:


A suitable replacement tenant and guarantor can be found who will be willing to sign a new tenancy agreement with the us for the remaining duration of this agreement under the same terms as this agreement, and;


There is a minimum of seven weeks remaining on this agreement at the point of surrender, and;


You agree to pay any reasonably incurred costs we incur as a result of this early termination.

What does this mean?

This means that if you find a replacement tenant & guarantor for your room, we will work with both parties to cancel the outgoing tenant's tenancy, and start the new tenant's tenancy the day after the old tenancy ends.

Are there any fees once I've found a replacement?

Yes, typically there is an administrative fee for doing this (no more than one week's rental) plus any cleaning & remedial works needed in your room & flat.

How do I request an early leave?

The first thing to do is to register your intent via your urbanest portal using the orange widget once you are logged in.

1) Open the orange widget at the bottom right of your screen

2) Start a new conversation

3) Click 'something else', followed by leaving my 'tenancy early'

4) Select the 'Early Leave Request' form

This form will be available only after you collect your keys.

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