Useberry helps you test prototypes that you’ve created on Figma, capture actionable feedback, and eliminate guesswork. Get insights and learn what works well for your users before ship your product.

Let’s start, shall we?

First things first! Before anything, make sure that you have successfully installed the Useberry plugin on your Figma environment. If not, go to Plugins panel, search “useberry” and click Install.

Upload a prototype to useberry

Select the layers you want to upload, add a prototype name, and set the device


After uploading your prototype to Useberry, it will be available to your Workspace's Library. This helps to have access to your prototype at any time, without the need to re-upload it for use to another project/test.

Create a new test

You can create a test either from Useberry (since you've uploaded your prototype there) either right from the plugin.

Selecting the plugin option, you can choose between 5 types of tests (Single Task, Multiple Tasks, Open Analytics, First Click & 5 Second Test) and create it without leaving Figma.

ex. How to create a Single Task test

  1. Create a new test & choose the Single Task.
  2. Set the task title & add some instructions.
  3. Select the screen where the task starts.
  4. Select the screen where the task is successfully completed.
  5. Congratulations! The test created successfully!

Add more blocks

You can add more blocks and customize your test on useberry by clicking the "Add on useberry" button.

Sync prototype

All blocks connected with this prototype will be synced with the new version. Tasks, instructions, completions, and results won’t be affected.

Select the layers you want to sync (for example a single layer).

1) you can upload again all the prototype flow
2) delete all previously uploaded screens.

Share test

Share your tests with your users, community, or teammates, and start collecting results for your tests.

View results directly on Figma


The plugin generates Heatmaps that graphically represented right on the design so that you can promptly get feedback and swiftly optimize your product by adjusting colors, typography, and other elements based on the project’s style guides.

User Flow

The plugin creates a graphical representation of the testers’ journey while they're interacting with the prototype.

View Heatmaps on User Flow.

Optionally, the plugin enables all Heatmaps collected on each screen right on the User Flow, so that all feedback is collected in one place for further analysis.

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