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Adobe XD Plugin (new version)
Adobe XD Plugin (new version)
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Our native integration into Adobe XD is accompanied by the 5 different test types and a series of other handy features, each one addressing a unique need and a UX design problem seeking a solution in the process of building digital experiences.

Let’s start, shall we?

First things first! Before anything, make sure that you have successfully installed the new version of the Useberry plugin on your Adobe XD environment. If not, go to your Workspace's Library, click on "New prototype", locate the Adobe XD section and click the "Get plugin" button.

Upload new items to useberry

With the new version of the plugin, you can upload to your Workspace's library prototypes as well as images.

Upload new prototype

  1. Select the layers you want to upload

  2. Add a prototype name, and set the device viewport

  3. Congratulations! Your prototype was uploaded successfully!

Upload new image(s)

  1. Select the layers you want to upload

  2. Congratulations! Your image(s) was uploaded successfully!

After uploading your prototype or image(s) to Useberry, it will be available to your Workspace's Library. This helps to have access to them at any time, without the need to re-upload it for use to another project/test.

Sync prototype or image

You can sync your uploaded prototype or image with your last changes made in Adobe XD. All blocks connected with it will be synced with the new version. Tasks, instructions, completions, and results won’t be affected.

ex. Sync a prototype

Select the layers you want to sync (for example a single layer).

1) you can upload again all the prototype flow
2) delete all previously uploaded screens.

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