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What are the Session Recordings?
What are the Session Recordings?
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The Session Recordings you can get from Useberry are "recordings" that enable you to watch the testers' navigation on your prototype (and to the whole test).

Useberry’s Session Recordings depend on a mutation observer. The mutation observer provides the ability to watch for changes being made to the DOM tree. We capture all the DOM changes, serialize them the custom way, and store them.

We regenerate a “fake” DOM based on the stored mutations on our Video Player, and the result is a pixel-perfect Session Recording. This solution works perfectly on prototypes based on DOM changes like InVision, Sketch, Marvel, and ProtoPie.

Session Recordings cannot be downloaded (for example, as a video file). This is because they are recreations of the tester's session in your test, so require an active connection to our servers, and a web browser to run.

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