Video Shoots
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With Video Shoots, you can get back rich video insights by capturing your user's face, voice, and screen. This feature is only available when the test is done by desktop devices.

Enable Video Shoots on the Share Tab

First, you need to enable this feature on the share tab in order to work.

Camera - Audio Recording & Screen Sharing (Tester's View)

  1. The tester selects which permissions wants to grant

  2. The tester ensures everything works smoothly by checking the camera, audio, and screen settings.

  3. Done! Video Shoots are capturing tester's camera, audio, and screen.

Watch Video Shoots (Results Page)

You can watch the Video Shoots on the results page and it will appear in each user session that has granted the camera, audio, or screen permissions.

❗️Note that Video Shoots are different from Session Recordings. Both can work at the same time.

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