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Utilizing Video Shoots, you can gain comprehensive video insights by recording the user's facial expressions, voice, and screen interactions. This functionality is accessible for studies conducted on both mobile and desktop devices.

Enable Video Shoots and select the recording options

To activate this feature, you'll first need to enable it in the "Share" tab. Each research endeavor comes with its specific demands. Some studies may emphasize screen recordings, while others may prioritize voice feedback. The "Video Shoots" capability provides researchers with the flexibility to select the precise permissions required for each study, enabling a targeted focus on the desired insights.

Camera - Audio Recording & Screen Sharing (Participant's View)

  1. Participants have the option to choose which permissions they would like to grant.
    On desktop devices, you can capture camera and audio recordings, as well as screen interactions. On mobile devices, you have the option to select either camera or audio recordings.

    ​Desktop recording options :

    Mobile recording options :

  2. Participants verify the smooth operation by testing camera, audio, and screen settings.

  3. Done! Video Shoots record the participant's camera, audio, and screen.

Watch Video Shoots (Results Page)

You can review the Video Shoots on the "Results" page, accessible for each user session that has allowed camera, audio, or screen permissions.

❗️Note that Video Shoots are different from Session Recordings. Both can work at the same time.

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