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Changes in our Pricing Plans
Changes in our Pricing Plans
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With the launch of Useberry 3.0, we are retiring our existing pricing plans (Legacy Plans) and introducing three (3) new ones in their place. These new plans have been designed with a keen understanding of our users' needs, aiming to provide more flexibility and value.

Free plan: As before, we're giving you the opportunity to get familiar with Useberry,
and conduct lightweight studies and research, while exploring our platform. Ideal for individuals who want to have a closer look at our product and its features.

Growth plan: Our paid plan, allows customers to conduct complex studies and get much more insightful data and results. Ideal for designers, researchers, experts, and Teams, who aim to perform heavier studies and gain full advantage and research strength with every feature of ours.

Enterprise plan: Our custom business plan, which can be designed according to customers' needs. With custom solutions, workarounds, and priority support included, this plan is perfect for experienced professional teams, who research thoroughly and on a daily basis.

Responses and Limits

  • Free plan: Enjoy up to 10 responses per month at no cost.

  • Growth plan: Kickstart your research with the Growth Plan, offering a base of 300 responses per month. We also provide various options to suit your needs, ranging from 300, 500, 1000, or 2000 responses per month.

  • Enterprise plan: For ultimate flexibility, the Enterprise plan allows you to choose a custom amount of responses tailored to your preferences, including the possibility of unlimited responses.

These revised plans cater to a wide range of research requirements, ensuring you have the right level of response capacity to meet your goals.

Team on a Trial plan

Whenever the subscription from the Growth plan expires or is manually canceled, the account is automatically enrolled into the Trial plan and is temporarily deactivated. Every Workspace, Project, Result, Version, etc. is inactive (but stored safely) until a subscription is active again. As soon as a new subscription is added or renewed, everything is available for use.

Create additional teams

The first team you create as a Team Owner can be on a Free plan. Every other team created by an existing Team Owner will be automatically enrolled in the Trial plan. This means that it needs to be upgraded (Growth) in order to be used. When you create a team you become the Team Owner of this team.

For our existing customers and anyone who has an active paid subscription in our Legacy Plans (Basic, Pro, or Team) before July 24, you can find below the relevant information about current subscriptions :

  • If you take no action, your subscription will remain on your current Legacy Plan with its associated limitations, unless you choose to cancel after July 24.

  • Your pricing will remain the same until you decide to cancel your plan.

  • Your Legacy Plan will automatically renew at the end of your billing cycle if you keep it active.

  • If you cancel your Legacy Plan at the end of the billing cycle, the subscription will be downgraded to the Free plan.

  • After July 24, any upgrade will only be possible to the Growth plan.

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