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Editing locked on "Create"
Editing locked on "Create"
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The ability to make edits on the "Create" tab is now restricted when a version has accumulated responses or when an active Target Audience is in place.

To modify or adjust any fields, it is necessary to duplicate the Version(s) or delete every session associated with it from the "Results" tab. By taking these actions, you will regain the flexibility to make the desired edits to your project.

When a Version(s) has gathered responses or has an active target audience, only the fields listed in the table below are editable:


Editable Fields

Single Task

Task title, Task instructions

First Click

Task title, Task instructions

5 Second Test

Task title, Task instructions

Open Analytics

Task title, Task instructions, Change “Give up” button text

Card Sorting

Task title, Task instructions, Cards name an instructions, Categories name, and instructions

Tree Test

Task title, Task instructions

Preference Test

Task title, Task instructions, Preference Text option → All texts

Intro Screen

Title, Description, Button Text

Thank You

Title, Context


Question title on all question types, Multiple Choice → Options texts, Opinion and Likert Scale → Scale start - end texts


Question title, Type, Buttons text

Context Screen

Title, Context

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