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What are the responses limits?
What are the responses limits?
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When using the "Share link" recruitment option, each response you receive through that method is considered a deduction from your plan's response limit. This response limit applies specifically to the responses obtained via the "Share link" and does not affect the responses obtained through the Pool of Participants.

For example, let's assume your response limit is set to 300. If you receive 100 responses through the "Share link" and an additional 50 responses through the Participant Pool, you will have utilized 100 out of the 300 available responses. This means you still have 200 responses remaining to gather via the "Share link" option, and there is no limit on the number of responses you can receive through the participant pool.

However, if you delete any of the responses obtained through the "Share link" recruitment option, those responses will no longer count towards your response limit. In other words, the deleted responses will be added back to your response limit, allowing you to receive more responses through the "Share link."

For instance, if you delete 30 out of the 100 responses collected via the "Share link," your response limit for the "Share link" would be recalculated. You would then have the capacity to receive 230 more responses via the "Share link" and an unlimited number of responses through the participant pool.

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