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What are the available team roles?
What are the available team roles?
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Each team can have up to 20 members (Seats). Every member can be assigned a specific team role. The team roles are Admins, Managers, Members, and Viewers.

  • Admins:

    Admins are team members with access and responsibility to the overall Team. They can manage the billing options, buy credits and upgrade or downgrade the Team.

  • Managers:

    Managers are responsible for organizing the Team by inviting and managing the roles of the team members. They can create and manage workspaces, while also set up the SSO authentication.

  • Members:

    Members can create projects and launch studies. They can join public workspaces and private ones that are invited.

  • Viewers:

    Viewers have access only to the "Results" page of any project they can access but they do not occupy a seat on the Team.

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