How much will Pixie cost me?
Updated over a week ago

Pixie's pricing plan is tiered based on the number of clients in your workspace. There are no additional fees or hidden costs; it's just one fee for your entire firm, no matter how many people are in your team!

Subscriptions are reviewed on a quarterly or annual cycle and only adjusted at that time, so it isn’t a case of exceeding the client bracket on your existing subscription and immediately changing pricing plans.

This means that you won't be partway through adding a new client and find that you can't save their details without changing your plan or that you suddenly have an unexpected charge.

We're against nasty surprises, so rest assured, if your workspace exceeds the maximum clients for your existing plan at your review date and needs to be updated, we will always contact you first!

For exact monthly prices in your currency, please check our pricing page here.

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