Scheduled Tasks and Interim Tasks
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When creating a scheduled task for one or more clients, the recurrence of that task appears in each client details page, in the Scheduled tasks tab.

For example, if a weekly Saturday task is scheduled, and you are viewing your task list on a Monday, the next recurrence will appear under Scheduled tasks, and not in Open tasks, because Pixie assumes the task will start next week.

If you want to set the first recurrence for that task to appear immediately, as an open task, you need to create a one-time, ad-hoc task from the same template.

To do this for a single client, you can start in the client details page and click Create task.

For multiple clients, you can start in your clients list, choose the clients for whom you want to create the ad-hoc task, and click Create task.

Choose the same template that was used for the scheduled task, and create the task.

Now the Open tasks tab for the client(s) will list the first recurrence of the task, and upcoming recurrences will be listed in Scheduled tasks.

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