Notifications are an important part of managing feedback. As an administrator, you'll want to ensure your team is receiving the notifications they need, to stay on top of new feedback and existing feedback being updated.

Updating notifications is easy, and can be done directly from the People menu.

There are 2 options for setting notifications for users.

  1. Set notifications for a single user

  2. Set notifications for multiple users (Bulk action)

Set notifications for a single user

Start by heading to your profile followed by Account settings and select People menu. Find the user you would like to set notifications for.

Click the options button for the user you would like to edit.

From the slide in menu, you can select to set notifications for projects individually or for all projects. By selecting the projects from the project drop down, you'll see which notifications they already have enabled.


Set notifications for multiple users

If you need to update more than one users notification, you can do this by using the multi-selection against each user followed by the Set notifications button below.


Setting notifications for multiple users works the same as setting notifications for a single user. You can select notifications per project or apply the changes to all projects.


When selecting All projects, this will enable or disable feedback notifications for the selected user for all projects that they have access to. Learn more about restricting user's access to certain projects.

It is also important to note that the user can always edit their notifications and change the settings you have configured for them.

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