Customize the starting URL of a specific trace

In some cases, you may want to test multiple websites or your website may have multiple landing pages.

In Usetrace, you can customize the base URL for each specific trace. To change the base URL of a given trace, open the Editor and follow the steps below.

1. Open parameters

In the Editor, hover the mouse and click the parameters tab in the “Open Browser” step.

2. Set the base URL

Change the text “$BASE_URL” to the URL you want your trace to start from.

3. Open the new base URL

Click “RUN TO HERE“ in the Pointer to open the new base URL and continue editing the trace.

4. Results

You now have changed the base URL for your trace. The trace now opens and runs in the new URL. If you change your default base URL in the Dashboard, the base URL for this trace will remain unchanged.

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