The chat feature gives you a open line of communication to all the residents of a specific building. The new updates to the chat system give you and your residents a much more productive and simple way to handle your affairs through the Walter platform.

What can I do with the chat feature?

  • Chat with the residents directly

  • Attach notes and directly mention different residents using the @ symbol

  • Assign a custom tasks to residents or building employees directly through the chat

How do I use the chat feature?

Opening the chat feature

To start you should select a specific building and go to the chat tab on the left hand-side of the page. If you already have open conversations, you may notice that they are categorized as unresolved until you have marked the topic as resolved.

Using the note feature

The chat system also a feature that allows you to add a note either for the resident or yourself. You may tag anyone who is apart of that specific building using the @ symbol as shown below.

Sending attachments

Using the attachment button on the chat bar you could send attachments to the chat.

Finding the residents in the chat

On the left side of the chat page, you can click the residents drop-down to see all the residents you can chat with from that specific building.

To the right of your screen you will find a sidebar that will indicate the following sections:

  • Resident details

  • Tasks assigned to the resident

  • Reservations taken by the resident

  • Packages arriving from the resident

  • Resident orders

  • Resident's payments

  • Items offered for sale by the resident

  • Notifications received from residents

  • The groups in which the resident is

  • Files shared between the resident and yourself

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