Let's get you started on Walter Services😀

This will only take a few minutes of your time but it is crucial to enter all of the information! Don't worry, we will review these items with you before launching.

1. Please follow this link an create your Usewalter Account 👉 Usewalter Services

To Do

  • Create and register your services account

2. Go into the Settings section and fill in the business info, availability, menu and payments sections

To Do

  • Business info: Enter your GST, PST, Banking Account Number, Business Number in their respective sections

  • Availability: Fill in your booking options and enter your availabilities

Note that you will need to select whether or not you accept deliveries:

Delivery Box is Checked: gives the option for residents to choose the date they want to receive the service or product

Delivery Box is not Checked: does not give an option for resident to choose when they want to receive the service or product

  • Menu: Enter your menu/services items

  • Payment: Create and connect your Stripe account

The following video will show you where to find the different sections within Settings

Check out the Service FAQ If you need any added information while setting up your Service Company

3. Set up your company contact profile

In this section you need to fill in contact information. This will determine how and where you will receive your orders.

To Do:

Update your company's profile page

  • Contact Information

  • Notifications

During your next meeting, a Usewalter representative will double check all this information, answer your questions and set a live date!

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